What is the use of the "assert" keyword in Python?

The **assert** keyword in Python is used to check if a certain condition is met, and raise an error if it's not. The basic syntax is:

assert condition, error_message

where **condition** is a boolean expression that you want to check, and **error_message** is an optional string that will be printed if the condition is not met. 

For example:

assert len(my_list) > 0, "List is empty"

In this example, if the length of **my_list** is not greater than 0, the string "List is empty" will be raised as an error message.

**assert** statements are used for debugging and testing purposes, to make sure that certain assumptions about the state of your program are met. When your code is working correctly, you can safely disable **assert** statements by running your code with the **-O** (optimize) command line switch.

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