What is the use of the "os" module in Python?

The **os** module in Python provides a way of using operating system dependent functionality like reading or writing to the file system, starting new processes, killing processes etc. Some of the commonly used functions in the **os** module are:

  • **os.getcwd()**: returns the current working directory
  • **os.listdir(path)**: returns a list of the files and directories in the specified directory
  • **os.mkdir(path)**: creates a new directory with the specified name
  • **os.remove(path)**: removes the specified file
  • **os.rmdir(path)**: removes the specified directory
  • **os.environ**: returns a dictionary containing the environment variables
  • **os.path**: provides a set of tools for working with file paths.

The **os** module is platform independent and its functions work across all operating systems.

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