What is the use of the "and" keyword in Python?

In Python, the and keyword is a logical operator used for performing logical conjunction. It combines two conditions or expressions and evaluates to True if both conditions are True, and False otherwise.

Here are some key points about the and keyword:

  • The and keyword returns True only if both operands on its left and right side are True. If any of the operands evaluate to False, the result is False.
  • It short-circuits the evaluation, meaning that if the first operand is False, the second operand is not evaluated since the overall result would be False regardless.
  • The and keyword is often used in conditional statements, loops, and boolean expressions to check multiple conditions simultaneously.

Here's an example to illustrate the usage of the and keyword:

age = 25
is_student = True

if age >= 18 and is_student:
    print("You are eligible for a student discount.")
    print("You are not eligible for a student discount.")


You are eligible for a student discount.

In the above example, the and keyword is used to combine two conditions: age >= 18 and is_student. The if statement checks whether both conditions are True. If both conditions are True, the code block inside the if statement is executed, resulting in the message "You are eligible for a student discount."

If either of the conditions is False, the and operator short-circuits and the code block inside the else statement is executed.

The and keyword allows you to evaluate multiple conditions together and make decisions based on their combined truth value. It provides a way to ensure that all specified conditions are satisfied before proceeding with a particular action.

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