How does Go handle data processing and analysis?

Go has built-in support for various data processing and analysis tasks. Some of the packages provided by Go for this purpose include:

"encoding" package: This package provides functionality for encoding and decoding various data formats such as JSON, XML, and Protocol Buffers. It also includes support for base64 and hexadecimal encoding.

"sort" package: This package provides sorting algorithms for different data types such as integers, strings, and slices. It includes functions for sorting in ascending and descending order.

"math" package: This package provides mathematical functions such as logarithms, trigonometric functions, and random number generation. It also includes functions for complex number arithmetic.

"regexp" package: This package provides regular expression support for pattern matching and string manipulation.

"database/sql" package: This package provides a standardized interface for working with databases in Go. It includes support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite, among others.

"time" package: This package provides functionality for working with dates and times, including time zone support and parsing of date and time strings.

"bufio" package: This package provides buffered I/O functionality for efficient reading and writing of data.

Overall, Go provides a rich set of libraries and tools for data processing and analysis, making it a powerful language for working with large datasets and performing complex computations.

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