Discuss Go's support for REST APIs?

Go has a robust standard library and a number of third-party packages that make it well-suited for building REST APIs. Some of the key features that Go provides for building REST APIs include:

HTTP package: Go's standard library includes a powerful **net/http** package that provides a rich set of tools for working with HTTP requests and responses. This package includes functions for creating HTTP servers and clients, handling request routing, and managing cookies and other HTTP headers.

JSON package: JSON is a popular format for representing data in REST APIs, and Go has a built-in **encoding/json** package that makes it easy to encode and decode JSON data. This package includes functions for marshaling and unmarshaling Go structs into JSON data, and for parsing JSON data into Go structs.

Third-party packages: In addition to the standard library, there are a number of third-party packages available for building REST APIs in Go. Some of the most popular packages include:

  • Gorilla Mux: a powerful URL router and dispatcher for building RESTful web services
  • Negroni: a middleware toolkit for building web applications
  • Gin: a lightweight HTTP framework for building RESTful APIs

These packages provide additional functionality on top of the standard library, making it easier to build complex REST APIs with Go.

Overall, Go's support for building REST APIs is one of its strengths, and it has become a popular language for building high-performance, scalable web services.

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