How to Install VirtualBox on Ubuntu

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How to install VirtualBox on Ubuntu 22.04

Installing VirtualBox on Ubuntu is a straightforward process. Here's a short description of the steps:

1. Open the Terminal: Press Ctrl + Alt + T to launch the Terminal.

2. Update Package List: Run the following command to make sure your package list is up-to-date.

sudo apt update

3. Install VirtualBox: Enter the following command to install VirtualBox and required dependencies.

sudo apt install virtualbox

4. Additional Package (Optional): If you plan to use USB devices in your virtual machines, install an additional package.

NOTE:- This package is authomatically downloaded these days.

sudo apt install virtualbox-qt

5. Start VirtualBox: You can now launch VirtualBox from the Applications menu or by typing 


 in the Terminal.

That's it! You've successfully installed VirtualBox on your Ubuntu system. You can now create and manage virtual machines for various operating systems.

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