How to force www on domain from Cpanel without htaccess?

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How to force www from Cpanel on Base Domain?

  1. Go to Cpanel Redirects.
  2. Select Type as Permanent ( 301 ).
  3. Then Select the base domain from the dropdown ( E.g: )
  4. Then in redirects to put full URL ( E.g. )
  5. Then in www. redirection  Do Not Redirect www.
  6. Then check the Wild Card Redirect box ( If you not check this box then* will not redirect too*)
  7. Then click Add

Congrats now will redirect to will redirect to

Note: If you have SSL certificate installed then use https in Step 4.

2nd Method

You can force "www" on your domain name using the cPanel Redirects feature. Here are the steps:

Log in to your cPanel account.

Find the "Domains" section and click on "Redirects".

In the "Redirects" section, select "Permanent (301)" as the type of redirect.

In the "Source URL" field, enter your domain name without "www". For example, "".

In the "Destination URL" field, enter your domain name with "www". For example, "".

Select the option to apply the redirect to all subdomains.

Click on the "Add" button to create the redirect.

After the redirect is created, any visitors to your site using the non-www version of your domain name will be automatically redirected to the www version. This will ensure that all traffic to your site goes to a single, consistent URL.

Note: This method of forcing "www" does not require editing the .htaccess file and is a simpler way of achieving the same result.

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