How to connect to AWS EC2 instance from Ubuntu

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How to connect to AWS EC2 instance from Ubuntu ?

  1. chmod 400 key.pem
  2. ssh -i publickey.pem [email protected] -p 911
  3. scp -P 911 -i /home/jayant/Downloads/publickey.pem -r projectFolderName [email protected]:/home/ubuntu/
  4. du -sh projectFolderName ( display the size of the project folder )

To connect to an Amazon EC2 instance from an Ubuntu machine, you can use the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol. Here are the steps:

Open a terminal window on your Ubuntu machine.

Locate the private key file that you specified when you launched the EC2 instance. This file will have a ".pem" file extension and is required to establish the SSH connection.

Change the permissions of the private key file to be read-only for the owner. This is done to prevent unauthorized access to the file.

chmod 400 path/to/private_key.pem

Connect to the EC2 instance using the following command, replacing username with the appropriate username for the instance, and instance_ip_address with the public IP address of the instance:

ssh -i path/to/private_key.pem username@instance_ip_address

You should now be logged in to your EC2 instance, and you can run commands and manage your instance from the terminal window on your Ubuntu machine.

Note: The default username for an EC2 instance varies based on the operating system being used. For example, for an Ubuntu instance, the default username is "ubuntu".

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